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Image Processing Library

I'm interested in image processing. Here is what I've done including all my source codes.

Image Processing Library Source Code


Brief Introduction

  • 32bits ANSI C compatible code
  • Supported image file formats:
  • Features:
    * color quantization and color to grayscale conversion.
    * image flatten with alpha, transparency and background support.
    * image drawing operations as draw line, draw pixel and advanced bitbilt operations including both alpha and transparent support.
    * geometry transformations as resample, rotate, flip, mirror, affine, projective and rectangler to cylinder.
    * filterings as blur, sharpen, median, Sobel edge...
    * special effects and histogram operations as mosaic, threshold, negtive, contrast expand, histogram equalization, brighten and color saturation adjust.
    * edge detection and binary image operation as 4-conn and 8-conn edge tracing, edge thinning, area shrink, area expand, noise reduction.
Please check readme for more information.

VirtualDub Plugin

Image processing plugin for VirtualDub

Source codes are included in library.

Supported Effects

  • Adjust Saturation
  • Blur
  • Blur More
  • Expand Constast
  • Find Edge
  • Gental Sharpen
  • Histo Brighten
  • Histo Linearize
  • Majority Filter
  • Median Filter
  • Mosiac Effect
  • Negtive Image
  • Posterize
  • Sharpen
  • Sketch Effect

Precompiled Executables

Command line tools for Win32 platforms

Source codes are included in library All these four command line tools are self explained by run "progname /?". Here is a sample of imgfit:

Click here to download full sized image (704X576, 50k)

Rainman - Menu driven free image processing tool for MSDOS

Download V1.31a ZIP (273k)
  • supports Color JPEG,Greyscale JPEG(based on IJG library),BMP 24/8, TIFF 24, Targar 24, PCX 8 and raw grey images
  • fast VESA 2.0 Super VGA support
  • Special 5X zooming tools to view image details
  • Conversion between true color and pseudo-color greyscale images
  • Zoom, rotate, mirror, flip of images
  • sharpen, blur, Sobel edge filter, mosaic, posterize, threshold,edge detect, histogram equalization, saturation and contrast enhancement of true color and greyscale images
  • edge thin, area shrink, area expansion, de-noise, contour trace of binary images

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Other Stuffs

Potable text menu system (ANSI C)

Simple to use and portable to other platforms. This is also what Rainman used for it's menus.
Download C source code (ZIP, 106k)

VirtuaWin Desk Switcher

This is a virtual desk switcher module for VirtuaWin. It provides you a convenient and fast way to switch between desks with only mouse click. Current desk number is also displayed on taskbar.


50Watt VMOS audio amplifier

Sound strange? This one may not be what Hi-Fi fans expect. But I designed it and I'm using it now.
Download Protel and Postscript schematics (ZIP, 51k)

8 bit wave audio driver for PC's internal speaker

Your PC's internal speaker can only buzz? Certainly NO! It can play real sound with this little program!
Download ASM source code and sample C code (ZIP, 37k)

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